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一位名門千金 Elizabeth Swann 被綁架了,而且綁架她的還是加勒比海惡名昭彰的大海盜 Barbossa 船長,一心愛慕 Elizabeth 的年輕打鐵匠 Will Turner 為了解救心儀的對象,奮不顧身開始展開他的救援行動,為了順利完成計畫,Will 不得已只好跟一位落魄的海盜船長 Jack Sparrow 合作,在神秘寶藏的利誘下,這趟旅程才終於得以啟航。他們費盡心力終於來到了海盜出沒的加勒比海域,但是卻沒想到等待他們的對手竟然不是普通的海盜,而是受到詛咒的恐怖骷髏軍團!面對神出鬼沒的敵人,這趟奇航充滿詭譎難料的暗潮洶湧…

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    Elizabeth Swann, a daughter from a worthy family, was kidnapped. The one who kidnapped Elizabeth was infamous pirate in Caribbean Sea - Captain Barbossa. The yong smith, Will Turner, who adores Elizabeth engaged the rescue recklessly. To rescue Elizabeth successfully, Will was forced to cooperate with an unlucky pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow. Will seduced Jack by the mysterious treasure so that Jack was willing to accompany. They finally arrived Caribbean Sea where the pirates prevailed over the area. They didn't expect that their rivals are not normal pirate but cursed skulls. Confronting the ghostly enemies, This amazing journey became more predictable...

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