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英文腳本的主題Making Appointments

英文腳本的主題Making Appointments 不知如何翻譯....



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  • kinsda
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    Making Appointments Sample Script for a phone inquiry to make an appointment with your legislatorIntern: Hello, Senator Clinton’s office.You: May I please speak to the Senator’s scheduler? Scheduler: Yes?You: Hello, my name is _________ and I am calling today to make an appointment with Senator Clinton. I am calling today because I am a member of a national organization that is hosting a day of advocacy. Media Advocacy Day is a day in which all the members of the organization meet with their legislators in their home districts on the last Friday in September so that we can talk to them about issues that matter to us as a national organization.At this point the Scheduler will tell you what the protocol is for that particular office. Remember to be brief and polite. This is not the time for you to go into your issues. This is the time to make an appointment.

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