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與八部二會(內政部、外交部、教育部、國防部、經濟部、交通部、財政部、法務部、與僑務委員會、蒙藏委員會) 的英文全名/ 名稱?

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    中華民國總統府 Office of the President, Republic of China

    中華民國行政院 Executive Yuan, Republic of China

    中華民國立法院 The Legislative Yuan Rebpulic of China

    中華民國司法院 The Judicial Yuan of The Republic of China

    中華民國考試院 The Examination Yuan, R.O.C.

    中華民國監察院 The Control Yuan, R.O.C.

    中華民國內政部 The Ministry of the Interior, R.O.C.

    中華民國外交部 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, E.O.C.

    中華民國國防部 The Ministry of National Defense, R.O.C.

    中華民國財政部 The Ministry of Finance, R.O.C

    中華民國教育部 The Ministry of Education, R.O.C.

    中華民國法務部 The Ministry of Justice, R.O.C.

    中華民國經濟部 The Ministry of Economic Affairs,R.O.C.

    中華民國交通部 The Ministry of Transportation and Communications, R.O.C.

    中華民國蒙藏委員會 The Mongolian & Tibetan Affairs Commission, R.O.C.

    中華民國僑務委員會 The Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission, R.O.C.

    2006-06-09 10:25:37 補充:

    Update: 行政院英文名稱前 加定冠詞 "The"中華民國行政院 "The" Executive Yuan, Republic of China Executive Yuan, Republic of China http://.../ 是其英文的網站入口

    2006-06-09 10:32:35 補充:

    R.O.C. = Republic of China 中華民國

    2006-06-09 10:43:02 補充:

    Sorry! Update again: (因為原內容是從官方網站的)<加逗號 ","> 中華民國立法院 The Legislative Yuan"," Rebpulic of China 建議把接在Yuan後的of The刪掉, 改加上逗號","> 中華民國司法院 The Judicial Yuan"," Republic of China

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    Hi Claire, thanks for your choosing my answer. In fact, the other answers of repliers are also very good even sooner.

    Regarding your mention about the English "troubles", I would try my best to meet your demand if I could. (Just send it to me via e-mail function.)

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    However, I recommend you to submit the questions on the "Yahoo Knowledge+" becasue there should be many experts who are able to solve the different types of problems and might be better than me in some of the English field.

    參考資料: 總統府網站
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    總統府 Office of the President

    行政院 Executive Yuan

    內政部 Ministry of the Interior

    外交部 Ministry of Foreign Affair

    教育部 Ministry of Education

    國防部 Ministry of National Defense

    經濟部 Ministry of Economic Affair

    交通部 Ministry of Transportation and Communications

    財政部 Ministry of Finance

    法務部 Ministry of Justice

    僑委會 Overseas Compatriot Affair Commission

    蒙藏委員會 Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission

    立法院 Legislative Yuan

    司法院 Judicial Yuan

    監察院 Control Yuan

    考試院 Examination Yuan

    參考資料: 各部會及五院
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    我國總統府-- National office of the president與行政院-- executive yuan立法院-- legislative yuan司法院-- judicial yuan監察院-- supervisory yuan考試院-- examinatorial yuan與八部二會內政部-- ministry of interior/home department外交部-- the Ministry of Foreign Affairs教育部-- ministry of education國防部-- the department of defense/經濟部-- ministry of economy交通部-- ministry of communications財政部-- treasury department/ministry of finance法務部-- ministry of law