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 哈佛大學的宗教符號學教授羅柏‧蘭登到巴黎出差的深夜, 突然接到一通緊急電話,通知他羅浮宮年高德邵的館長遭人謀殺,就在博物館內,屍體旁邊留下了一個令人困惑的密碼。蘭登與法國美女密碼專家 Sophie Neveu 在整理分析謎團的過程中,驚訝地發現在達文西的作品中藏有一連串的線索。這些線索人人可見,卻被畫家巧妙地偽裝,加以隱藏。

  蘭登發現一連串令人震驚的關聯:已故的館長是鍚安會的一員--鍚安會是一個真實存在的祕密會社,其中的成員包括牛頓、波提且利、雨果,和達文西等人。至此蘭登發現自己正在追蹤一個石破天驚的歷史大祕密,一個已經埋藏了幾個世紀、既富啟發性又危險的祕密。在這場遍及巴黎的追逐中,蘭登和 Neveu 發現他們是在跟一個始終不露面的幕後主使者鬥智,這個人似乎總是知道他們下一步要做什麼。除非他們可以解開這個錯綜複雜的謎團,否則錫安會的祕密,這個具爆炸力的古老真相,將永遠消失。



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    很榮幸認識您翻譯如下,請參考The religious sign of the Harvard learns professor LUO BO.The LAN DENG receives an urgent telephone suddenly the dead hour that Paris is on business, the curator that notifies his Luo floats a palace high and virtuous Shao for year encounters a person premeditated murder, in the museum, the corpse left a password that makes person's perplexity side.The LAN DENG and French beauty password expert the Sophie Neveu finds in astonishment in the work of attaining the text west to hide to have a series of clueses in the sorting analytical process of the riddle regiment.These clues everyone it is thus clear that, but is disguised skillfully by the painter, take in to conceal.The LAN DENG finds a series of shocking connections:The died curator is the YANG AN a member-YANG of the HUI AN HUI is a true existent secret meeting club, the member in which includes the NIU DUN, the PO TI QIE LI, the YU GUO, the DA WEN XI waits for someone.Going to this LAN DENG finds the oneself is tracking a secret with big world-shaking history, a have already buried for a few centuries, since enrich to inspire sex and then the secret of the danger.In pursuing of this all over Paris, the LAN DENG and Neveu finds they is at with a backstage that don't appear always the main emissary matches wits, this person seems to be to always know they want to do next move what.Unless they can untie this complex riddle regiment, otherwise the secret of the YANG AN HUI, this ancient old true facts that has an explosive force, will disappear forever.敬祝學業猛晉達達 敬上

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    請問是出版方面的工作或學校作業嗎?若是只要類似的可以查閱達文西密碼原文書的介紹就毋需翻譯了。另外,To 回答的"達達",翻譯前最好先參考正確人名及地名:羅浮宮=The Louvre, 羅伯蘭登=Robert Langdon, 牛頓=Newton....