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印尼社會事務部31日宣佈,地震死亡人數已經達到5846人,而地震摧毀的房屋數位達到了13.5萬。儘管印尼政府和各國都投入了大量救援物資,但是食物和清潔飲用水仍然短缺。 在受災最嚴重的班圖爾地區,到31日為止,當地一些醫院仍然超負荷運轉,100個床位大約有400個傷員。損失難以估計。

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  • 2 0 年前

    Service Division in the society in Indonesia declared on the 31st, the number of deaths of earthquakes had already achieved 5846 people, and digits of the house that the earthquake crushed were achieved up to 135,000. The government and each country of Indonesia entered a large amount of rescue supply everything and it is still insufficient to clean food and the drinkable water. The hospital still moves some of local by a super-load until the Tul district and 31 of the most serious class that receives the disaster, and in 100 beds, there are roughly 400 injured persons. The loss regrets being estimate.

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