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*急* 有人可以幫我把文章翻譯成英文嗎~謝謝!

永遠受歡迎的英雄 伊森韓特



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    Popular hero Iraq full of trees Korea S. special playwriter group forever is it make every effort to overcome graceful now bandit then to end, cypress Luo ask the west and J.J. A is it draw rare decision probe into Iraq full of trees Korea S special the individual character of role thoroughly to bank up with earth. Whether director A is it draw rare to say to bank up with earth. ' we decide to make a film relying mainly on role, certainly this film is full of fabulous movement scenes, this is much less, but I think the best information actioner must be based on true emotion. The role in the film goes through most terrible, terror and amazing situation, the audiences all believe too in they really place oneself in the midst of deadlily and dangerously, this's that we hope for new element brought of ' the impossible task '

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    ' Iraq full of trees bears the pressure on a lot of emotions in this film.。 He love fiancee of him deeply really, hope too this section of relations can last.

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    Certainly Julia loves him very much too, but she is not very clear what kind of work he is engaged in on earth.

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    As she sees in the film he becomes very anxious because of pressure of the work, begin to suspect whether he has everything to hide from her, but he wants her to believe in him, and she totally believes him.

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    Not entering performer Michel newly, Na's Chinese is a leading lady of one slice of ' the impossible task ', this is her first protagonist's film too, she has played the supporting role in such films as '

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    Smith's task ' and ' the sexual harrassment of the northern part of the country ',etc., she think role of her let audience is it watch Iraq full of trees Korea S. special the role to go in terms of another one. She says:

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    ' you will see his fragile side. Certainly the skill is vigorous and nimble,

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