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Is money more important than knowledge? why or why not?

錢比知識還重要, 是或否的三個理由,要用英文來寫,也就是要三個句子



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  • 向賢
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    First of all, in modern world, money can buy almost anything including knowledge.

    Secondly, without money, it seems impossible for ordinary people to gain knowledge.

    Third, unless we can live in a world like the old agricultural society, we can't provide just a bit of our basic need without money.

    Money is evil, but it is vital.

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    1. Money is even more important than knowledge, because knowledge is unable to be used for changing the material demand.

    2. Money is even more important than knowledge, because the money can be used for gaining knowledge.

    3. Knowledge is even more important than the money, because the money is uncertain it is helpful in each place.

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    3.Money is not as important as knowledge, because money can’t be used in any place.第三句我覺得改這樣會更好 剛剛我打的那句好像有點問題。

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