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  • Mason
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    找到一份資料是英文的,資料顯示有四架飛機再1970年九月六日遭巴勒斯坦解放組織劫持,第五架則在三天之後的九月九日遭到挾持。事件稱為 Dawson's Field hijackings有字數2000的限制,請按連結前往看完整資訊!按我!In the Dawson's Field hijackings (September 6, 1970) four jet aircraft bound for New York City were hijacked by members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. TWA Flight 74 from Frankfurt am Main and Swissair Flight 100 from Zürich-Kloten Airport landed at Zerqa, also known as Dawson's Field, a remote desert airstrip in Jordan formerly used as a British Royal Air Force base. The hijacking of El Al Flight 219 from Amsterdam was foiled; hijacker Patrick Arguello was shot to death and his partner Leila Khaled was subdued and turned over to British authorities in London. Two hijackers prevented from joining the El Al flight instead hijacked Pan Am Flight 93, a Boeing 747, diverting the large plane to Beirut and then Cairo rather than the small Jordanian field. A fifth plane, BOAC flight 775 from Bahrain, was hijacked on September 9 by a PFLP sympathizer and brought to Dawson's Field in order to pressure the British to free Khaled.For many years, the incident was known as "the blackest day in aviation." While the majority of the 310 hostages were transferred to Amman and freed on September 11, the PFLP segregated the flight crews and Jewish passengers, keeping fifty-six hostages in custody, and on September 12 used explosives to destroy the empty planes in front of the international media.

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