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I am the high park scientific and technical university business

management department\'s students, the family live Tainan, most is

interested in the school the subject manages mathematics, it utilizes

the logic to ponder lets the brains be clear, my specialty is

systematic which reorganizes the written report, wants the specialized

skill which strengthens is the computer and English, if has the

opportunity to hold the post of the administrative personnel to your

firm, believed can 夠 display my specialty



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    I am a student of Kao Yuan University (我想這才是你學校正確的英文喔!網站上面有), and I major in Business Administration. I live in Tainan. The subject that I'm most interested in is

    management mathematics, it performs with logic thinking so that I can think clearly. My special skill is to perform well organized

    written reports, and the specialized skills that I would like to

    enhance are computer and English. If I have the chance to serve in

    the company as an administrative staff, I believe I can bring my

    specialty into full play.

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    參考資料: 英文系的自己~ 希望能夠對你有幫助!
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    I am(已畢業的話就用was) the student at 高苑 university science and technology. My major is(was理由同上) Business Administration. I live in Tainan. My favorite subject is (was) 管理數學(這個課本上有,各家翻譯應該不同) because I have to use logic thinking to let my brain clearly. MY strength is systematic which reorganizes the written report and I also want to enhance my specialized skills that are English and computer. If I have the opportunity to work in the company, I would do my best. Thank you very much.

    參考資料: 自己
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