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數十年間,眾多吉他大師利用吉他清晰的節奏感及能強烈表現自我個性的特色,埋首潛心研究出許多艱 深的技巧,


佛朗明哥在西方的世界 ,方能躍昇而自成一門彈奏藝術,非同於往昔替舞者、歌手伴奏的角色。


聆聽能充分表現西班牙民族熱情奔放個性的佛朗明哥音樂(Flamence) 後,或許在他們敲擊琴箱,熱情的節奏中,也能撩起您心中對生命的熱情。佛朗明哥是西班牙非常傳統與特殊的吉他音樂。


請問一下為什麼佛朗明哥是翻譯成"Buddha bright brother Ming"?謝謝捏

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    The Spanish are quite enthusiastic, and they love music and dancing. Flamenco is the guitar music which is traditional and special in Spain. The three main elements to form Flamenco are the guitar, the dancing, and the songs. Initially, the guitar came from playing an accompaniment to maintaining various of free melodies and one kind of solo instrument which performs deep music. For years, a number of guitar experts gave their life into develpoing many difficult skills, to create lots of dissimilar effects which are still adopted today, along with the characteristics of the guitar that not only have clear rhythm, but perform self-identities strongly. Flamengo takes its place becoming one playing art in the west, different from the role in the past to play an accomplaniment for dancers or singers. Each guitar musician has his character in tunes he plays, however, he could express himself strongly if it comes from deep in his heart; as to the performance of skills, it is more intensive and musical. After you listen to Flamenco which totally expresses the enthusiastic identities of the Spanish race, it might braze your passion to life with the tunes when they play the guitar and enthusiastic rhythms. Flamenco is the traditional and special guitar music in Spain.F.Y.I.

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    Spanish music

    Being quite hospitable, Spaniard love the music and dance very much.

    Buddha bright brother Ming is Spain's very traditional and special guitar music.

    Form three major soul of Flamenco - the guitar, dance, sing,

    Guitar from appear at accompanying song and dance, is it is it have countless to perform song and display solo musical instrument, depth of music freely to get to develop.

    Counting it during the decade, the numerous guitars master utilize the clear rhythm of guitar and can display the characteristic of the self- individual character strongly, bury one and work out a lot of skills difficult to understand with great concentration,

    Produce a great deal of methods of different results to today,

    The world in the west of Buddha's bright brother Ming, can rise to but have one door of one's own and play art, not same as the role taking the place of dancer, singer accompaniment in the past.

    The tone that each guitarist plays is each different to some extent, but really that their emotion in the heart of hearts is revealed, behavior that can be strong; On the behavior of the skill, more profound, have music nature even more.

    Listen to and can fully display bright brother Ming's music of Buddhism of the individual character overflowing with enthusiasm of Spanish nationality (Flamence) And then beat the musical instrument case in them perhaps, among hospitable rhythm, can tease your enthusiasm to the life in the heart too. Buddha bright brother Ming is Spain's very traditional and special guitar music.