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求英文達人 請幫我填空..急急 thanks a lot


1.In an emergency, there may not be time____(make) a telephone call. An instructor will teach you the correct steps ____(use). In case of choking, the victim may try to cough. If he or she is breathing, it’s not a good idea ____(do) anything. If he or she is breathing, it’s not a good idea ___(do)anying.

2.One of the world’s most ___(amaze)sailors was an ____(amaze) sailors was an ____ (un know) Eskimo. About the year 1700, this Eskimo went fishing off icy Greenland in a tiny, on-person boat ____(call) a kayak and must have become lost in a fog or storm.

3.A message ____(write) with lemon juice cannot be read until the paper is heated. Hold the paper close to a _____(glow ) light bulb. The “ink” will turn brown.

4.Bells let us ______(know) that someone is at the door.

5.Almost all of us have seen words ________(write) in the sky. Most often, skywriting tells about a show that is coming to town or about something ____(buy).

6.Some people think that robins can hear worms _____(move) in the earth. Some believe that woodpeckers can hear insects _____(move) around inside trees.

7.The sports make the flower _____(look) like a monkey’s face.

8.There’s a little flower that you may see ______(peep) out of the snow.

9.Did you use something special to get it ____(look) so good ?

10.Don’t get unset if you see a whipsnake _____(follow )you.

11.The heavy weight of its body presses against the ground and leaves the horse ____(feel) sore.

12.Even in cold weather, birds can be seen _____(take) a dip in a pond or a stream.

13.They should not feel guilty of making their voices ____(hear).

14.As a teacher, I won’t have my students ____(smoke) because smoking is harmful to their health. It is wrong to leave them ___(undiscipline) for their bad behavior. Besides, it is embarrassing to have someone ____(let) me that one of my students was caught _____(smoke) in the classroom.

15.These people can be made ____(see) again, however, if they are able to get clear corneas ____(let) in the light. The blind must get the corneas form people with healthy eyes---people who agree to let a blind person ____(use) their eyes after the die.

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    1.to make,to use,to do


    3.(which is )writen,glowing


    5.writen,to buy





    10.(which is) following




    14.smoking,undiciplined,letting,for smoking

    15.seeing,to let,use



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