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    In my opinion, technology is absolutely convenient. It makes things easier and more efficient. It also saves people's lives. The main advantages are following:

    1) Cell phones allows everyone who has one to keep in touch with others whereever they are.

    2) Advances in medical research have lengthen our longevity, while at the same time increased the quality of life for those who use to suffer greatly from old age, or disease.

    3) Computers have revolutionized the efficiency of communications, and much improved the speed of how things are done today. What use to take hours to days can now be accomplished in seconds to minutes with a couple of keyboard strokes.

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    我收到你的來信說你有另一個題目,你是要在另外開一個新問題嗎? "do you agree with the satement that the media kill the teacher? " 這個題目比較麻煩...我需要時間再想想看...對了,要回信給你,但你沒開放信箱

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