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求TIME CAPSULE( 時間膠囊 )英文作文

TIME CAPSULE( 時間膠囊 )英文作文,如果是你你想在時間膠囊中放進什麼?...並加以敘述為什麼...盡量以3段是寫法!...謝謝^^~我想參考看看

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                                   Time Capsule   The two things I would like to put in a time capsule are a computer and a television. The reasons are clear and simple.    As we all know, the computer is by far the most important invention of the modern age. With a computer you can save information, talk to friends, and access the Internet. Therefore, the computer deserves a place in the time capsule.        The other item I would put in a time capsule is a television. Televisions provide entertainment for people around the world, and bring enjoyment to the viewers. TV programs reflect the daily lives of people in our time. I am sure that both the computer and the television would help future generations better understand people and their lives in the 20th century Taiwan.  

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