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請英文答人幫我填空吧~~急急急 (感激不盡) 10點


1.Eskimos like to eat ______(freeze) fish.

2.The ____(walk) leaf is an insect that has the shape and color of a leaf. It even lays eggs that look like plant seeds. The insect moves along like a leaf _____(be) blown by the wind.

3.Many people get sick in ___(move) boats, cars, or planes.

4.People have different ______(eat) habits in different lands.

5.Shaking hands is a friendly way ______(greet) someone.

6.In some large cities there are small bridges_______(connect) buildings.

7.How do birds ______(fly) over the salty ocean get fresh water _____(drink)?

8.There are many caves ______(wait) to be discovered. Inside some are tools ____(use) by people who lived thousands of years ago. Will you be the first ____(find) these treasures?

9.The ladybug is one of the best-____(like) insects. Long ago in our country, people said that lady bugs_______(find) in the house would bring good luck.

10.Is it a bird or a plane? No, it’s a kind of toy---a ___(fly) disk, like a plastic plate. Most people can easily throw one of these light disks as far as three hundred feet. With practice, people have been know to throw a ___(fly) disk more than a thousand feet.

11.There is a cactus plant _____(shape) like a barrel.

12.At temperatures below the ___(freeze) point, sap cannot flow. Then the ____(grow) parts of the trees receive no water of food from the roots.

13.This scientist found out cars ______(paint) pink or any light shade seem to be safer.

14.Food _____(leave) by explorers in 1912 was found and eaten forty years later.

15.In 1990 the United States had little more than a hundred miles of ____(pave) roads.

16.People _____(catch) in an earth quake say it sounds like thunder. Others say that it sounds like cannons ______(be) fired, on after another. Other people say that earthquakes sound more like a truck (rumble) down the street or like a jut plane ______(roar) overhead.

17.The attractive, greasy-_____(look) pebble caught their eyes. Sometimes years passed before people found out that their ______(sparkle ) stone were diamonds.

18.Sharon was the first woman ever ____(sail) the pacific alone.

19.Americans use an ______(astonish) amount of paper.

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  • Eddie
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    2.walking,has been



    5.to greet

    6.(that is) connectting

    7.fly,to drink(題目裡似乎少了個AND在GET之前)

    8.(which is )waiting,used,to find

    9.liked,(which was) found



    12.absolute frozen




    16.(who were )caught,being,rumbling,roared





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