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    Subject: Car Accident ( 主題: 車禍 )Bob was driving down the path,until he saw a deer jump over his car.At that moment Sue was driving behind Bob as she collided into Bob's rear bumper.Due to the impact Bob slammed into the deer. Sue freaked out so she started to run off. Bob picks up his phone and dials 9-1-1. He starts to chase Sue, and he stops her. The cop finally ends up at the accident scene and starts to investigate. Police : "Please give me your license and registeration.Both of you" He look at Sue and Bob.Bob: " Here Officer,That lady hit my car while i was braking due to the deer hopping over my car."Sue: " That is bull *****,Sir. There was no deer."Police: "Ok...let me see for myself, If there is any deers around this area."So three of them starts to search for the deer.Bob: " There there....i saw that deer "Sue: " I saw it too...its over there."Police: " I saw it three. Look...everyone...he is drinking water how cute."In conclusion, they found out that the accident occured from the deer. So the police officer walked to the deer and put a collor over him and he planning to own the deer for himself as a pet.Bob: "Hey lady how about a date?"Sue: "Alrite, sounds like fun."Bob: Yeah, alrite lets go.

    參考資料: 奇摩知識
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