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這些句子怎麼翻阿ˊˋ? <中翻英>






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    Some day in the morning, Jack visited Rose’s antique store. He closely examined and appreciated a vase. While he was about to pay for the vase, he found out the clerk disappeared and the door was locked. He sat on the couch and waited for the clerk to return. Somehow he fell into sleep. People on the street felt odd when they saw him slept on the couch. Three hours later, the clerk final came back to save Jack and give him a long deep kiss. Jack passed out again afterwards.

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    In someday morning,Jack came to an antique shop which was administered by Rose.He appreciated the vase very earnestly.When he wanted to pay for it,he found that the sales clerk was gone and the door was looked.Afterward he waited and waited,finally he was asleep on the sofa,and the passerby were confused with it too.After three hours,the sales clerk came back and saved Jack.She gave Jack a loving kiss.Afterward Jack passed out again.

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    The morning of some day, Jack comes to a curios shop opened by Rose, very appreciating the vase conscientiously

    When he planned to pay, but find a shop-assistant has disappeared, and the door has been locked

    Having waited for and fallen asleep on the sofa because of carelessness later, the transient person felt very puzzled too

    3 hours later, the shop-assistant came back to save Jack at last, sent to a kiss of that deep love

    Later, Jack lost consciousness once again

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    Some day the morning, Jack will arrive the antique shop which will

    open by Rose, very earnest appreciation vase

    Prepares in him must pay money, actually discovered the sales

    clerk disappeared, moreover the gate is also locked

    Afterwards waited for and so on not to be careful rested on the

    sofa, passed by the person also felt very puzzled

    After 3 hours, the sales clerk finally comes back saves Jack,

    and delivers that affection lips

    Afterwards, Jack once again fainted the past


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