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Our government has been trying to control the population for many years. At the former time, government changed several policies to deal with the new social phenomenon. Due to this, we can reason in two ways.

First, the main of the effect of economic factor influences the government’s decision greatly. Because the variation of the number of population may generate different social appearances. Take the China for example. Too much people live in China. And the population will be easy to increase doubly. Due to this, we can understand a policy in this country. The family would be levied more taxes if there were over two children in it. On account of the most number of populations in China, the government has to resolve the problem from this. And India faces the situation as well.

The second point is trend. The technology development which can trace back to the beginning of 20th century progress enormously. It is fortunate that the medical treatment change with each passing day, we can cure more diseases than before. Besides, the lives we can live longer. In the developed countries, this is what condition will happen. The people accumulation stresses governments to settle this kind of trouble.

In order to control the population, the government has a right to confront. The different countries variously face with different cases. The tax revenue is just one of the methods to master the population problems. It still depends on the governors how to view the number of children in their country.

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    Due to this=On account of this

    we can reason in two ways=we can find that the two methods.

    The tax revenue is just one of the methods to master the population problems=The tax revenue is just one of the ways for the serious pollution problem.

    2.這是我的寫作-空氣污染(Air pollution.)參考看看單字和文法結構的運用~

    Air pollution is the most serious problem in Taiwan,Its especially in Taipei City. it's attracted public attention to make it,and,often, we can hear citizens complaint also. it's time...we shouldn't neglect that the government need to take efficient measures to keep it from being deteriorating .

    By and large,air pollution is really large caused by the traffic,that's by vehicles. In Taipei City there're so many motorbikes,lorries,cars and coaches, giving out waste petrol and,accordingly bringing about worsening air. In my point,the following means should be got: Firstly,take a bus as possibly as you may when you go out; Secondly, abide by the traffic regulations; At last most important that green the environment to make air mair clean and fresh.

    When the above-mentioned could be put practice into something, I believe it shall be helpful to improve air pollution still.

    It's never too late to mend, after all when we carry out what we preach may hope to come true. Solving the problem of air pollution always need to knock about instead if shouting the slogan. Shall we strive to make better for our circumstances? getting rid of air pollution!

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