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    親愛的老師,這一年裡妳辛苦了!妳總是無時無刻的替我們著想,為了我們的事花了很多的心思與時間;讓我們舉辦了很多活動增進大家的感情,還教會了我們許多事情,剩下的兩年還請老師多多照顧!在這裡獻上最大的祝福,祝老師永遠青春美麗,身體健康,謝謝妳了!! Dear Mrs/ Ms (name),Thank you for your efforts in the past year. You always put us ahead of other things, spent a lot of thoughts and time on us. You have allowed us to held activities to increase our closeness to each other and taught us a lot of things. We will still be needing much of  your guidance and care in the next two years.  We wish you to be beautiful/ youthful always and a good health. Thank you once again.

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    Dear teacher, this year you pain!You always all the time of wear to think for us,

    Spent a lot of idea and times for the sake of our business;Let us hold a lot of activities to increase

    Enter everyone's affection, return church us many things, the remaining two years still invite a teacher to have another

    Look after much!Dedicate up the biggest wish here, wish a teacher forever the youth beauty, healthy body, thank you!!

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