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在實驗中我們利用不同的染色參數與使用奈米級染料對人工皮革進行染色,實驗結果顯示在,機台轉速為50 r.p.m、染色升溫速度為1 ℃/min、染料濃度為10% o.m.f、浴比1:10,染色條件下有較好的染色效果,而在染浴pH值調配與均染劑的用量上,發現奈米級染料與未經研磨的染料所適用的條件大有不同,而在實驗中所得到的最適化條件作為人工皮革在染色製程條件。


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    In recent years because the domestic and foreign care voice gained

    ground, caused the natural leather gradually to develop the artificial

    leather to substitute, but the present field develops superfine fiber

    artificial leather, its outward appearance, nature, feel various

    aspects, extremely approximate natural leather, but the question which

    met in the end product processing is after passes through the dyeing

    to be unable to achieve the deep color as well as the fastness of

    dyeing dropped, this article used dyes the most suitable parameter to

    carry on the dyeing to the artificial leather, and matched the

    post-processing way to find the improvement the method.We use the different dyeing parameter and the use 奈 rice level dye

    in the experiment carry on the dyeing to the artificial leather, the

    experimental result demonstration in, the radio station rotational

    speed is 50 r.p.m, the dyeing elevation of temperature speed is 1 ℃

    /min, the dye strength is 10% o.m.f, the bath compares 1: 10, under

    the dyeing condition has the better dyeing effect, but in dyes the

    bath pH value mixes with 均染劑 in the amount used, discovered the

    condition which 奈 the rice level dye with after which has not

    ground the dye is suitable greatly to have the difference, but the

    most suitable condition which obtained arrives in the experiment takes

    the artificial leather in the dyeing system regulation condition.

    參考資料: 奇摩字典
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    均染劑=leveling agent

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