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我想請問倭馬亞王朝第3任統治者穆阿維葉二世 (683 - 684)的生平,希望越詳細越好,要中文的



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  • owen
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    只有英文的呢~如果看不懂可用翻譯機Mu'āwiyya II or Mu'āwiyya ibn Yazīd ([[معاوية بن يزيد ، معاوية الثاني) (684 - 661) was an Umayyad caliph for about four months after the death of his father Yazīd. The empire he inherited was in a state of disarray with Abdullah bin Zubayr claiming to be the true caliph and holding the Hejaz as well as other areas.Personality and FamilyIn the primary sources and modern histories, Mu'awiyya II's reign is usually passed over quickly. The caliph is portrayed as being weak-willed but with a good-nature. He is said to have declared when news came of his father's death, that this is the news he dreaded for now he was Caliph and did not wish to be. Mu'awiyya was even prepared to summon the Shura and call on them to choose a Caliph of their own, and thus restore the non-hereditary traditions of the Caliphate. Many stories have been written in the sources of Mu'awiyya's weak but good-willed nature, not all of them true.The marriage of Mu'awiyya was deemed contentious and problematic. Mu'awiyya I wished him to marry into another tribe and thus strengthen the power of the dynasty. This, Mu'awiyya did but his wife died in 677. He then married again in 678 and 680, having two wives but he divorced both by 682 for providing no children. Yazid now forced him to marry a fourth wife in 683, a foreign princess, to extend the power of the Caliphate. It is said that Mu'awiyya despised this woman, and as soon as Yazid had died, she was divorced.↑詳情

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