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    Have only had four days left from now to Christmas Day, though quantity is bought to sell and filled up the car in front of the shop, I am unable to infect that point of happy expression of celebrating a festival . Shop messy than parking area, is it do shopping people and shopping cart to pack with in walking , search and purchasing at the last moment busily. Asking oneself: ' why do I choose today? ' my pain as head soon of both feet, has said writing with one long line on the list held in the hand: ' do not need to buy anything for me. ' person,but it know I, it give to present if really, they will be sad. Should be for these, to be frank, the person already with necessities buys the gift already bidden up by the hotel owner and risen in price, make me feel the head is great deeply. I come counter that check out shopping cart present that choose carelessly in piling desperate in a hurry. Whether choose most short first line queue that arrange, heart calculate. ' must probably arrange the teams of 20 minutes ! ' rank I two child , boy about five years old , more small than he girl have. Boy wear one tattered overcoat, pass short jeans stretch out one obviously heavy plimsoll too, the dirty one is holding some wrinkled bank notes in the hand small. The girl wears the almost equally rotten clothing, the head is entangled with the dirty and messy curly hair carrying, still keep the trace of dinner on the face small.

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  • The Gift of the Magi byO. Henry全文在此:

    參考資料: 瑞~愛流浪, 也愛在知識+上幫助人