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請求 英翻中 ”legendary vintage we

How to best one of the most premium lines in premium designer jeans? Well, go vintage. Here, Blue Cult ups the ante with their Elite collection, \"legendary vintage wear for the soul.\" Special personal attention is paid to reincarnating vintage designs with unsurpassed materials in flawless and modern fits. Blue Cult Elite promises that the product would not only improve with wear, but would grow \"sublime\" over the passage of time. How perfectly vintage of them.

\"legendary vintage wear for the soul.\" 裡面這句話 怎麼 中翻英 要好聽 又 貼切的


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    legendary vintage wear for the soul.先就單字拆開來看legendary : 傳奇的,有名的vintage : 古老的,老式的soul : 一般都把這個字以"靈魂"解釋,但他還有其他很多的意思       例如:人,熱情,經典,精神...整句直譯 : 經典老式穿著為了人意譯 : 經典的老式風格

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    "legendary vintage wear for the soul."


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    legendary vintage wear for the soul



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