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   當我的車被撞時,我會先評估是我的錯還是對方的錯,若是我的錯誤造成對方的損失,而損失又不大時,我可能看對方要求的賠償多少,對方索賠合理的話,我會直接賠錢了事,但若損失很大時,我會留下對方的聯絡資訊,然後叫警察來,讓警察來記錄現場資訊,在打電話給父母,讓父母來處理。    若是對方違規造成我被撞時,我也是看損失狀況,輕微的損失,我會說個合理價錢看對方願不願意賠償,嚴重的我會留下對方的車牌、聯絡資料,然後把車交給修理廠,讓修理廠來評估維修的價錢,然候跟對方聯絡賠償事宜。    為了避免交通事故的發生,我騎車都很小心,因為一不小心,可能連生命都會不見。 



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    When my car was hit by someone, I'd estimate if it is my fault or the other. If the damage was due to my carelessness, and it's not serious. I may compensate him depends on how much he asks for. I'll just pay the reparation if the amount sounds reasonable. Yet if the cost is high, I'll ask the way to contact him, then call the Police. Let the Police taking down the information of the scene. Then call my parents to handle it.

    If I was hit because of his traccif regulation-breaking, I'd also evaluate the damaged status. A slight loss, I'll give him a rational price if he'd like to compensate. Serious one, I'll ask the number of his license plate and his contact information. Then send the car to the repair factory, let them assess the damage, and discuss the matter with the driver.

    In order to avoid the traffic accident happens, I always ride the motorcycle very carefully. Since life may pass away anytime because of carelessness at times.

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    When my car is collided, I will firstly consider if it's my fault or the other's. If it's my mistake cause loss of the other's, but the losses arn't quite, I would ask how much the compensation the other's want, if the compensation is reasonable, I will sustain economic losses directly; but if the compensation is very great, I would ask for contact information, then call the police, let the police write down on-the-spot information, make a phone call to his/her parents, let parents deal with.

    When the other side break the rules and cause an accident on me, I would also see the loss state, if it's slightly, I will ask and see whether the other side would like to compensate at a rational price. If it's a serious one, I'll remember the other side's number plate and the contact information, then give the car to the repair factory , let the repair factory assess the price of maintenance , and contact the other side to compensate for the matters .

    In order to avoid the emergence of the traffic accident, I ride the motorcar very carefully, because of carelessness, perhaps we might even loss our life.

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