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笨笨 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

請英文厲害之高手自我介紹中文翻譯成英文的 謝謝


大家好 現在我要為您們介紹我自己 在這之前 我要感謝各位來參加這次的活動

真的很感謝~~我的名字叫做Sally 我是個再熟人面前會瘋瘋的女孩但是如果我再陌生人面前就不一樣了 就顯得叫文靜孤僻 並不是做作 原因是我在熟人面前比較能放心去做每一件事 在陌生人前我會小心翼翼的防備對方 就像是衛兵防禦敵人一樣 其實我是一個很活潑很好笑的一個女孩 但是我的行為舉止常常會讓別人我是個文靜害羞的女孩 我不知道是為何我真的很喜歡這個班級 雖然換過很多次的老師 換過很多種不同有趣嚴格的教學方式 但是收穫真的很多知識也吸收的很多 在這個班裡朋友圈更廣闊了 我記得我最好最好的朋友是Kelly 只不過很可惜她轉班了 在這幾年我要感謝各位教導我的老師們 以及謝謝一樓的櫃檯姊姊們對我的關心與照顧 不但讓我打電話、再上課前的幾個小時讓我待在一樓看書偶爾還會給我吃蛋糕 真的是很謝謝您們無怨無悔的付出 謝謝

還有真的真的一定要感謝的是Sam老師 他雖然很凶 像一隻母老虎 生氣時像牛頭馬面似的但是那其實是慈祥的臉上掛著恐怖的面具 老師的心情其實也是為了我們好 我們不希望老師您生氣 老師您也不願意生氣只是我們這些很不聽話的學生常沒帶那個沒帶這個 上課愛講話 上課不專心 上課頂嘴 上課偷吃口香糖或是一些不尊重老師的事情逼得您對著我們發飆 我真的為這些事情感到很抱歉 但是這些幾乎都是男生們做出來的 男生就是比較幼稚老師您得體諒一下 在此課還是要說聲謝謝大家


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  • Titan
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    1 0 年前

    HI Everybody

    I must for you introduce now but my I must thank each before this to participate in this time

    activity really very to thank ~~ my name to be called Sally I am in front of acquaintance can an again the insane girl if in front of my stranger dissimilar appeared calls gently eccentric is not again the artificial reason is I the comparison can feel relieved in front of the acquaintance but made each matter I to be able cautiously protection opposite party likely to be the guard defends enemy me in front of the stranger is equally actually a very lively very funny girl my behavior manner can let others me frequently is gentle shyThe girl I did not know why I really very much likes this class and grade but although traded very many time teachers to trade the very many different interesting strict teaching way to harvest really very many knowledge also to absorb very many the friend circle is broader in this class I to remember I best best friend was Kelly very much was a pity she changed shifts has had to thank each position in these years me to teach I teachers as well as thanked a building not only the counter elder sister elder sister let me to my care and the attendance telephone, attend class front for several hours to let me again treat in a buildingReads occasionally also can really eat the cake to me is thanks you not to have complain and regret very much pays thanks.

    2006-06-18 00:36:00 補充:

    also has really really certainly must thank is Mr. Sam he although a very ominous elephant tigress is angry time but the demons in buddhist hell resemble that actually are likely on the gentle face are hanging the terror mask teacher's

    2006-06-18 00:36:17 補充:

    mood also are actually are good we for us not to hope teacher you is angry the student

    2006-06-18 00:37:19 補充:

    who teacher you is not willing to be angry only is our these is not obedient very much often not to bring that not to bring

    2006-06-18 00:38:57 補充:


    參考資料: ME 我翻譯的不購放耶
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