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芝麻素 發問時間: 科學化學 · 1 0 年前


共軛亞麻油酸(Conjugated linoleic acid)(CLA)具多種健康功能,而乳酸菌(lactic acid bacteria)能促進亞麻油酸(linoleic acid)轉變成CLA,不過以乳酸菌生產CLA之產量低,因此如何提升CLA產量為當前研究趨勢。本研究以褐藻酸鈉(sodium alginate)、聚丙烯醯胺(polyacrylamide)、幾丁聚醣(chitosan)與鹿角菜膠(carrageenan)固定化(immobilized) Lactobacillus helveticus (BCRC 14030),在pH 5、6、7與8下進行CLA生成反應,以探討不同凝膠(gelatin)與反應pH值對促進此一菌酛(bacteria)生成CLA之影響,及其應用於生產富含CLA發酵乳(fermentation milk)之可行性。

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    Total yoke the flaxen oil is sour(the Conjugated linoleic acid)(CLA) to have various healthy functions, and the lactobacillus(the lactic acid bacteria) can promote the sour(the linoleic acid) change of flaxen oil become CLA, however produced the yield of the CLA by lactobacillus low, so how promote the CLA yield for study trend at present.This research the sour Na(the sodium alginate), polypropylene Xi An(polyacrylamide), several D gather brown Zao the carbohydrate(chitosan) and the antler vegetables gum(carrageenan) to turn(immobilized) the Lactobacillus helveticus(BCRC 14030) fixedly, in the pH 5, 6 and 7 carry on CLA with 8 times born respond with inquire into different Ning gum(gelatin) and respond pH a value to promote this germ?(Bacteria)the influence of the born CLA, and it is applied in produce to enrich to contain the feasibility that the CLA ferments a milk(the fermentation milk).

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