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  • 昶宇
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    1 0 年前

    Smokes can be easy to initiate the lung cancer, the oral cavitycancer, the urinary bladder cancer, the carcinoma oesophagi, thepharynx and larynx cancer, the pancreas cancer and so on, the smokingperson suffers from danger of cancer ﹕A day smoking count X smoking year counts above =400One day smokes below 10, is person's 5 times which does notsmokeOne day smokes below 2 packages, is person's 20 times whichdoes not smokeDoes not smoke the person is 1 o'clock, the smoking personresults in the lung cancer the opportunity is 1015 year old of before smokes person's 16 times which is doesnot smoke25 year old of before smokes person's 4 times which is does notsmokeThe inspiration is shallow person's 8 times which or theinspiration is not does not smokeInspiration very deep is person's 17 times which does notsmoke

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  • 1 0 年前

    Smoking will cause lung cancer, mouth cavity cancer, urine bladder cancer, esophagus cancer, throat cancer, the pancreas cancer...etc. easily, a ﹕ of the smoker Li cancer

    Smoke cigarette for a day of pay the few X smoking to count for year=more than 400

    Smoke cigarette 10 followings for a day, is a smoker not of 500%

    Smoke cigarette 2 packs of followings for a day, is a smoker not of 2000%

    Not the smoker is 1:00, smoker's getting the chance of the lung cancer is 10

    The 15 years old smoking wasn't a smoker before of 1600%

    The 25 years old smoking wasn't a smoker before of 400%

    Inhale shallow or not the inhaler is a smoker not of 800%

    Inhale very deep isn't a smoker of 1700%

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