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1.What do you enjoy doing when you go out on a date?

2.What kind of outdoor activities are there where you live?

3.Does your city get much tourist activity?Why or why not?

4.Do you think there is too much sex and violence in movies?

5.Do you think movies have a good influence, a bad influence, or no influence on society?

6.How do people usually meet in Taiwan?

7.What are some things people say when the want to start a conversation with a person they don\'t know?

8.Describe some Taiwanese wedding customs.

9.Who usually pays for the wedding in Taiwan?

10.What funny, silly or unusual things do children do?

11.Do you think today\'s children grow up too fast? How?

12.What is your opinion of marriage?

13.What are the advantages of being married?

14.What are the advantages of being single?

15.How does marriage change people?

16.What are some things husbands and wives should do to have a happy marriage?





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    1.I engoy being together with the guy that I'm dating with.

    2.Shopping and singing in karaoke are the kinds of outdoor activities i have in where i lived.

    3.yes, because is the funest city of Vietnam.

    4.depends on what kinds of movies you are watching.

    5i think movies does have some influence in society and again it depends on what kinds of movies you are watching it will effect the influence to be bad or good.

    6.they meet in all kinds of way for example internet, mall, streets, or even wrong phone calls.

    7.people who wants to start a conversation with people they don't know they usually start the conversation by saying hello or hi and ask their name.

    8.when people goes to after wedding party they usually gives red pocket to the new married couple and when they does that they need to write their names on the piece of cloth for the new married couple to remember.

    9.what do you mean?usually the man's side.

    10.they ring people's doorbell and run away.

    11.yes, because the children today they eat more nutrients then they needed so they just kept on growing.

    12.marry who you love and be happy. have a husband and sometimes you don't have to work(if you are a woman). have boyfriends and have fun without restricts from who you married.

    15.marriage makes people thank more about not just them selves but about themselves and they person that they are married to. as happy as you can and solve probelms together and confront on whatever they need to face and stop agruing.

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    b )1. When the _______ comes, the wind and rain always scare us

    very much.

    (A) dollar (B) typhoon (C) cram (D) light

    ( a )2. They _______ playing baseball every day.

    (A) need (B) watch (C) practice (D) seldom

    ( a )3. My father went to New York by plane on _______ .

    (A) business (B) October (C) corner (D) housework

    ( d )4. I'm very busy. Can you give me a _______ ,please?

    (A) ticket (B) test (C) national (D) hand

    ( c )5. Of all the food, I like the _______ most.

    (A)change (B) medicine (C) steak (D) restaurant

    ( c )6. I feel it great to take _______ in the hot springs in


    (A) an interest (B) a bath (C) a trip (D) some medicine

    ( b )7. Please walk _______ this street two blocks and turn right


    Market Road

    . You can see the bookstore.

    (A) between (B) along (C) next to (D) in front

    ( c )8. What about _______ a bicycle to school?

    (A) to ride together (B) we ride (C) riding (D) rode on

    ( a )9. Tom sometimes walks to school and _______ he takes a bus.

    (A) sometimes (B) often (C) always (D) usually

    ( b )10. Susan enjoys _______ with me.

    (A) to shop (B) shopping (C) do shopping (D) to shopping

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    ( b)11. A:I didn't see you at the party yesterday. _______

    B:I was sick.

    (A) Nice to meet you. (B)What happened?

    (C) Can I call you? (D) I was very happy.

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    ( b)12. A:Are you going out today?

    B:Yes. We're going to the basketball game.


    (A) I'm very sorry. (B) Have a good time!

    (C) Do you? (D) What's it about?

    2006-04-15 22:31 補充

    (b )13. A:Excuse me. _______ B: You can take bus number 10.

    (A) Anything to drink, sir?

    (B) How can I get to the Hoover Theater

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