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Eddie 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

”Trifles”&”Death of a salesman

1.Why is Susan Glaspell\'s play entitled Trifles? What attitudes or values are implied in calling certain things trifles? Are those attitudes or values challenged in the play?

2.Willy Loman in Arther Miller\'s \"Death of a salesman\" believes that selling is the contemporary American society? Try to include Charley, Uncle Ben, Howard Wagner, or Dave Singleman in your discussion.


These two are essay questions. Don't just translate the topic to me. I need your ideas and answers. If you don't know how to answer them, please don't give me useless answers, such as Mr.文董A. Thanks

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    Why is Susan Glaspell's play entitled Trifles?

    個人認為...因為在整個劇情當中 男人辦案的過程 雖然County Attorney他有留意一些細節 例如不要破壞現場 但感覺他們始終只是一直著重在尋找Mrs. Wright的殺人動機!而他們的太太(Mrs. Peters & Mrs. Hale) 只從小小的棉被 金絲雀 等等瑣碎的事情 發現出真相 這些是男人他們所忽略的~整個劇情感覺是跟著這些trifles走的!

    參考資料: 自己正在讀...
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  • 1 0 年前

    1.為什麼蘇珊・Glaspell 的戲劇是題為瑣事? 什麼態度或重視被暗示在叫某些事瑣事? 那些態度或價值被質詢在戲劇嗎?

    2.Willy Loman 在推銷員的Arther 米勒的"死亡" 相信, 賣是當代美國社會? 設法包括Charley, 戴維・Singleman 伯父本、霍華德・Wagner, 或在您的討論。

    參考資料: 奇摩字典
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