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    Hello!My name is a Rebecca, 21 years old this year, member in home has 4s,哈囉!我的名字叫Rebecca,今年21歲,家裡城原有4位 mother is a housewife, the elder brother is an occupation soldier, the eldest sister-in-law is a nurse.媽媽是家庭主婦,哥哥是職業軍人,大嫂是護士。In I the growth, the parents teach me how to act towards people benignity and know manner, at home in I is minimum, so the parents expect a lot to our kid.在我成長中,父母親教導我如何待人親切及懂得禮貌,在家中我是最小,所以父母對我們小孩期望很多。At my character aspect, I am a very bright..A girl of[with] alacrity,在我的個性方面,我是一位很開朗..活潑的一位女孩, my interest BE:like to listen to classical music....Exercise....Going to the seaside walks, as for my specialty plays piano..Play drum and blow flute.我的興趣是:喜歡聽古典音樂....運動....去海邊走走,至於我的專長就是彈琴..打鼓和吹長笛。I am the university is grade 3 to get now, my expecting the subject that I learn can let me reach the good cause and growth.我現在是大學3年級生,我期盼我所學的科目能讓我達到好的目標及成長。I also hope my English can be further.This is my introduction, thanking everyone. 我也希望我的英文能夠更進一步。這是我的介紹,謝謝大家。

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    我猜想你這是口語的自我介紹, 因此翻得較口語化.

    Hello! My name is Rebecca. I am 21 years old. There are four people in my family. My mom is a housewife, my brother is a career soilder, and my sister in law is a nurse. When I was growing up, my parents taught me how to be kind to others and be polite. I am the youngest member in my family, and my parents have great expectations for me and my brother. I am a very outgoing person. My interests are listening to classical music, exersising, and going for a walk on the beach. I am good at playing the piano, the drum and the flute.

    I am currently a junior in college. I hope that my learnings can assist me in obtaining a better goal and better growth. I also hope to further improve my English. This is my self introduction. Thank you everyone.

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