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有關language teaching的問題

1.what are the advantages and benefits of behaviorist approaches and programmed learning?

2. programmed learning is popular, yet criticized. why do you think it is criticized, and why do you think it remains popular despite criticism?


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  • Miss H
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    1 0 年前

    Advantage of behaviorist accproach: -the learner is focused on a clear goal and can respond automatically to the cues of that goal. - W.W.II pilots were conditioned to react to silhouettes of enemy planes, a response which one would hope became automatic.Advantage of programmed learning: Learning tasks are broken down into manageable chunks The learner receives valuable feedback The learners can proceed at their own pace Reason why programmed learnin gis criticized:Learner has no control over tasks to be undertaken or the sequencing of them Based on a view of learning which sees knowledge as comprising aggregates of discrete elements Why I think it's still popular despite criticism:- It can be incorporated with computer assisted softwares, which is a definite trend of learning in the future.- Less reliance on the personal teaching abilities of the teacher, thus ensure the average qualities of teaching.

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