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First, describes

the itself individuality open and bright, lively natural, easy to be together is a completely talkative person, in the association activity I is a leader; Works has the patience, has the sense of responsibility, earnestly achieves the acme of perfection to the matter to belong to the motion faction is carefully my merit, the relatives and friends, schoolmate, division commanders all identically likes with the appreciation; Reads each article books, likes the outdoors to move for example: The picnic, the swimming, plays the basketball, the baseball, processes, Word, Excel, the receiving and dispatching email regarding the common copy clerk is the specialty also is individual interest, the modern people contacts outside each other except the telephone, is most generally the academic society computer is the indispensable necessary tool.

Second, the self-profession plans

the self-arrangement to test some cards according to, the increase ability performance, although at present only has in the room to match the line second grade, the third class card according to, the alpha electrician, fatigue An Yuan graduates the certificate and so on, at present will be preparing the register grade B freezing air conditioning card according to, also and was admitted to a school grade B fatigue An Yuanzheng using the time to illuminate. At present studies the life-long study student who receives the computer capital training class! Unceasingly will strive the oneself specialized knowledge, enriches oneself and studies other language ability using the neutral gear time. Grasps consults modestly studies any business, and learns through practice anytime and anywhere, enables the study to have the development, the display space, the entire heart will invest the enterprise sprint is with all one\'s strength later the goal makes great strides forward for me, the advance.





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    I am an open-minded, easy going, and get along with people quickly. In the group activity, I am a leader. As I am patient and responsible doing things and try to make all things be done perfectly, all my friends, relatives, and teachers are appreciating me.



    Self Career Planning

    I have arranged to take some licensees to improve my ability performance. Even though I only hold the licenses of the 2nd and 3rd grade Indoor Wire-Matching, the first grade electrician, and the certificate of labor safety and sanitary administrator. Currently, I am preparing for the license of the 2nd grade freezing air conditioning and try my best to find time for the license of the 2nd grade labor safety and sanitary administrator. Actually, I am the life student of 學承Computer Information Class. I shall continue sharpening my professional knowledge, fulfilling myself and learning other languages in my free time.

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    你先用翻譯軟體翻過了吧 完全看不懂... 建議放你自己寫的原文或中文 讓網友來幫忙吧

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