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    At first.I would like to apologize to you!The keramic of your work you created last time in the field couldn't be finely implemented because we are in the season of plum rains .It rains heavily every day.Although we had use canvass to cover the keramic oven and fixed it by rope.but it still has been destoyed by the strong wind and the canvass cracked in the part which covered chimney.This have your work be soaked and destoyed by rain;A photo is sent as an affix.please consult it.

    We would like to inquire you how you would like to dispose this work.Please contact with us when you receive this mail.Thanks!

    2006-06-21 18:21:53 補充:

    啊 忘了翻在您離開後 we are in the season of plum rains 和It rains heavily every day中間加上after you left.

    參考資料: 自己
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    How do you do: First of all , tell you first that is sorry! You, in this works created of garden, after you leave, because of happenning to be plum rains season last time, the heavy rain is constant every day, unable to fire your works smoothly. Though has already built the kiln with the canvas in advance , and fix with the rope , can not defeat the high wind , the local canvas of the chimney breaks, causes the works to be drenched by the rainwater but damage again; Enclose photos with the letter, please consult . Want to inquire how should this works of yours be dealt with separately , please get in touch with us after receiving mail , thanks!

    參考資料: 家人 ,,
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