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    Is Latin-American biggest nation Brazil, be located South America southeast, the nearby and national north faces Columbia~the south connects Argentine~Uruguay etc., main language is Portuguese language, the residents believe in Catholic more, capital city for Brazil the benefit is second~melt to remit an ancient time to construct the art essence now, have building exposition in world it call, main currency is REAL, Brazil is Latin America the first economic giant, Brazil the mineral resource abundant, mainly have an iron~uranium~petroleum~natural gas~coal etc. and steel~automobile~shipbuilding~electric power etc. the industry possesses a great reputation in the world, the farm production owner wants to be for the coffee~have the coffee Kingdom it call, secondly for orange~soybean~the corn waits for~main tour the beauty spot protects Luo for the saint~spread exercise for football

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    Brazil is the biggest country in Latin America, located in east-south part of South America. There is colombia near the north part of it ; Agentina, Uruguay...etc near the south part of it.

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    The major languge is Portuguese, main religion is Christianity, the capital is Brasilia where collects art architeure of ancient and now. It's named " World's architeure fair", the main monetary is real.

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    Brail is the first strong economy country in Latin America. There is a lot of natural resoruce in Brail, particularly iron ore,uranium,oil, natural gas,coal. Also Brail is fomous for steel, car , shipbuilding, electric power in the world.

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    The main agricultural product is coffee , and also be called " number one of coffee", the second one is orange, soy, corn ...etc. The popular tour city is Sanpaul. Football is popular sport.

    2006-06-24 08:38:06 補充:

    he capital is Brasilia where is collected art architeure of ancient and modern.the others include orange,soy,corn...etc.

    參考資料: bbcnews
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