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請問 justice-themed 應該怎麼翻?

原文是Susan Vogt gathered justice-themed family activities into a terrific book called Just Family Nights.想請問這裡的 justice-themed family activities 怎麼翻比較好?以正義為主題的......???

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    Just Family Nights這本書收錄了六十種適合在"家庭之夜"("Family Night")進行的家庭活動,這些活動的主題(Themes)包括:My Grandma's Grandma:  Exploring Our Ethnic Heritage --祖母的祖母:探索我們的種族傳承Family Fighting and Forgiveness --家人的爭執與原諒UN Day:  We are a Global Family --聯合國日:我們是一個世界大家庭Videos and Values --錄影帶與價值觀Kwanzaa:  Celebrating African American Heritage --Kwanzaa假日:慶祝非洲裔美國人的傳承以上內容介紹出自關於這本書的介紹全文: by Susan Vogt, this 230-page "gem" contains 60 "Family Night" formats that individual families or small groups of families can do in their own homes.  The contributors to the book include individuals from both two-parent and single-parent situations and represent a broad cross-section of ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds.  Each night has a specific theme with detailed instructions on how to do a family night.  Themes include: My Grandma's Grandma:  Exploring Our Ethnic Heritage Family Fighting and Forgiveness UN Day:  We are a Global Family Videos and Values Kwanzaa:  Celebrating African American Heritage It's for families, classrooms, congregations and support groups.justice字典定義除了正義之外,還有正當/合法/公平,從上面的書本介紹可以得知,這不是一本講司法或正義的書,而是一本透過關於不同種族或宗教背景,以及地球村等概念,幫助孩子與家長在家庭之夜進行互動的書。因此,這句翻成符合全書內容並且通順的中文=蘇珊.沃特彙集了主題適當(or洽當)的一些家庭活動成為一本非常棒的書,書名叫做Just Family Nights

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    justice-themed family activities====>以正義主題的家庭活動

    參考資料: me
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    蘇珊・Vogt 會集了以正義主題的家庭活動入一本妙極書叫正義家庭夜

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