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    Without genetic modification means there is no competition?

    Part 1: The leading role in the film is Vincent, whose brother is Anton. They are respectively set as natural man and eugenic man, and they were always competing against each other in swimming. Anton is always the winner. However, Vincent finally won this game, surprisingly, he just leave from home resolutely and determinedly to pursuit his dream—space travel.

    Part 2: Vincent hided his identity, and after he successfully got into a space project, Vincent started to be trained. Those training program however is designed for eugenic man, it is difficult for natural man to make it. Vincent pass these training, he even overcame his inborn heart defects.

    Genetic modification can not change personal thought; natural man did not want to accept the destiny of discrimination which is they only can do humble jobs. This sort of prejudice, not just outsider, his parents, brother and sister also will be influenced. Therefore, Vincent was not willing to stand a lower position just because of fate, so he challenged to this society for changing people’s social concept. At first, he challenged to his brother, who is also an elite among eugenic men. Vincent obviously appeared his strong intention and patience, his intention was overcoming his inborn defects, not just accepting the destiny without doing anything.

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