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英文大師請進English is Greek to me.

1No one has ever dobuted David’s integrity.(1)honesty(2)faith

2.We decided______eight o’clock as the time we should meet.(解答 on )

3.On (notify)that he had won a large sum of money, he couldn’t believe his good fortune(解答 being notified )

4.A jaywalker is one who across busy roads without paying attention to the traffic

(A) (B) (C) (D)

5.Computers are superior to people only in the speed and efficiency with which(it)

can process information.(解答they)

6.Clothing in America, to a certain degree, (reflect) a person’s social position. (解答reflects)為什麼啊,clothing不是集合N嗎,動詞還是要用單數嗎?

7.Her sad story aroused our sympathy (1)aspired(2)awakened

8.It has become commonplace to see people of all ages running along special jogger’s trails that___________in some cities.(解答 have been built)

9.Many corporations have found that doing a great deal of business over the telephone (are) more profitable than sending officials on frequent business trips(解答is)

10.The desire to make a profit motivates business executives (organizing) and operate their firms efficiently. (解答 to organize)

11.Dictionaries vary in size from one small enough (to carry) in your pocket to the very large unabridged dictionary that you can scarcely lift.(解答 to be carried) used to┼ (1)ving (2)v(R)




2.那跟decide to要怎麼分辦啊?

4.A jaywalker is one who (across) busy roads without paying attention to the traffic(解答不知)

8.為什麼要用have been┼pp

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4.是要改( )中的文法,好像有錯,要改成正確的

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    1 (1)honesty

    2. decide on 考慮後決定, 這個我不知道怎麼解釋.

    3. 因為他是被告知的所以要用被動式" be notifited"因前面有介系詞, be+ing ,即為"being notified.

    4. 問題是啥?

    5. 因為指的是電腦

    6. 集合名詞>指整體時被看作{單數}<名詞>;<集合名詞>指整體的構成分子時被看作{複數}<名詞>

    7. awakened,被喚醒, aspire是渴望,嚮往

    8. 哪裡不懂啊?

    9. that <doing a great deal of business over the telephone> 是主詞,用電話做生意這件事,因此動詞用"is"

    10. 若不確認文法時,你可以直接看 and operate, operate是用原形動詞,即表示前面是用to + V, motivates executives +"to'讓執行者有動機"去做什麼"

    11. 字典是被動的被裝在口袋,所以用被動式

    12. be used to + Ving, ' used "相當於"just" 亦為 習慣的

    be use to + V, 則解釋為 常常,慣常, 表示過去的習慣

    我不是專家, 我的文法是國中學的 :p

    2006-06-24 01:02:50 補充:

    1. faith主要的意思是, 信念, 信任的意思, 當有兩個同意字honesty跟integrity, 就要選最相近那個honesty .可多翻字典. 參考同義字的比較2. decide to , to 的後面一定是接動詞4. 這是選擇題嘛? "across"是介係詞, 穿過. 此外還有其他的表示方式8. 字首是用現在完成式, 因此 jogger's trials that were built 必須用 have been built, trails 慢跑路徑, 是由人規劃的,所以要用被動式

    2006-06-28 00:25:23 補充:

    "across"應該要改成"cross"變為子句的動詞才對,修飾"one"(我覺得這裡應該要寫a person比較對)因為是第三人稱且字尾為ss所以要+es