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主試女士, 先生:

首先, 非常謝謝您能抽空檢視我的履歷, 對於正在找工作的我來說, 這是一個很大的鼓舞, 也代表一個展現自己的機會。



希望能有機會得到這一份工作,相信未來我必定能和公司一同成長, 謝謝您!

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    The host tries woman, gentleman: First, extremely thank you to be able

    to pump out inspect my personal history, regarding I which looks for

    the work was saying, this is a very big inspiration, also represents

    to unfold own opportunity. At the beginning of last December I joined

    the army retire from the armed services, in the past once was in

    office the Datong electron (north to throw factory) to hold the post

    the M/B technician's work for more than three years, the familiar

    production line flow and had the ability which outside the line

    overhauled, held the post of shop employee's period afterwards in the

    electronic material line, contacted from in all directions customer,

    from work neutron components selecting and purchasing, specification

    to application. And so on various aspects all obtain benefits 斐

    shallowly, adds minute many for own specialized knowledge, nearly more

    than 5 years of work experiences, makes from the production to the

    retail sales sale, a group work-study program, unifies the solid

    service, the theory as well as is highly warm to the work, finally

    completes own studies perhaps in the multitudinous outstanding

    registrant, the body for duty field fresh person's I, studies the

    experience certainly not to calculate the integrity, but still hoped

    can have the opportunity to obtain this work, believed future I surely

    will be able to grow together with the company, thank you!

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