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willams show影片裡的歌??

那影片裡面的歌好好聽唷。。。。。   有誰知道是誰唱的嗎??

麻煩請告訴我歌手及歌名!!   謝謝~   ︿︿

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  • 1 0 年前


    如果是的話...歌名叫做Californiacation RHCP的歌


    Psychic spies from China

    Try to steal your mind’s elation

    Little girls from Sweden

    Dream of silver screen quotations

    And if you want these kind of dreams

    It’s Californication

    It’s the edge of the world

    And all of western civilization

    The sun may rise in the East

    At least it settles in the final location

    It’s understood that Hollywood

    sells Californication

    Pay your surgeon very well

    To break the spell of aging

    Celebrity skin is this your chin

    Or is that war your waging


    First born unicorn

    Hard core soft porn

    Dream of Californication

    Dream of Californication

    Marry me girl be my fairy to the world

    Be my very own constellation

    A teenage bride with a baby inside

    Getting high on information

    And buy me a star on the boulevard

    It’s Californication

    Space may be the final frontier

    But it’s made in a Hollywood basement

    Cobain can you hear the spheres

    Singing songs off station to station

    And Alderon’s not far away

    It’s Californication

    Born and raised by those who praise

    Control of population everybody’s been there


    I don’t mean on vacation


    Destruction leads to a very rough road

    But it also breeds creation

    And earthquakes are to a girl’s guitar

    They’re just another good vibration

    And tidal waves couldn’t save the world

    From Californication

    Pay your surgeon very well

    To break the spell of aging

    Sicker than the rest

    There is no test

    But this is what you’re craving


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