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問一首多年前有關失蹤兒童的英文MTV 想知道是誰的歌



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    你說的應該是Soul Asylum這支樂團演唱的"Runaway Train",

    收錄在他們1992年的專輯Grave Dancers Union當中。



    這是Soul Asylum在Sony Music的官方網站:


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    Called you up in the middle of the night

    like a firefly without a light

    you were there like a blowtorch burning

    I was a key that could use a little turning

    so tired that I couldn't even sleep

    so many secrets I couldn't keep

    promised myself I wouldn't weep

    one more promise I couldn't keep

    It seems no one can help me now

    I'm in too deep there's no way out

    this time I have really led myself astray

    Runaway train never going back

    wrong way on a one way track

    Seems like I should be getting somewhere

    somehow I'm neither here nor there

    Can you help me remember how to smile

    make it somehow all seem worth while

    How on earth did I get so jaded

    Life's mystery seems so dated

    I can go where no one else can go

    I know what no one else knows

    here I am just drowning in the rain

    with a ticket for a runaway train

    and everything seems cut and dry

    day and night, earth and sky

    somehow I just don't believe it

    Bought a ticket for a runaway train

    like a madman laughing at the rain

    a little out of touch, little insane

    it's just easier than dealing with the pain

    Runaway train never coming back

    Runaway train is tearing up the track

    Runaway train burning in my veins,


    but it always seems the same

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