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2. 我覺得不管是跟駕訓班學開車,還是跟親戚朋友學,考上汽車駕照是必要的,所以跟誰學都可以.

3. 在大太陽下發傳單,因為之前有做過這種工作,真的是熱到沒耐心,因為我怕熱!很不舒服!


5. 我不常與人爭吵,大多是開玩笑的,最多和我妹爭吵,因為一些小事情,我也忘了,可能是他脾氣不好吧!

6. 如果我有一段假期,我想好好在家休息,做自己的事,如果要說一個的話,我想去歐洲,我想歐洲的設計應該很棒吧!

7. 我的答案是肯定的,因為不相同的兩個人,生活方式總是不一樣,我想吵架是一定會的,需要的是溝通!

8. 我以前每到養蠺寶寶的季節,我都會去買來養,因為有一次爸爸噴殺蟲劑,殺死了他們,哭了一晚,從此我就再也沒養過了,

9. 我不喜歡開快車,因為太危險了,生命只有一個,我還年輕,我也不想被開罰單,太浪費錢了.

10. 一個優良的駕駛,應該要重視交通規則,也要懂得禮讓行人,因為交通事故是要靠大家來減少的.





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    1.I want to be because young,The wish attempts the curiosity,Has forgotten the consideration consequence,Therefore young people Chang Hui has the accident to occur.

    2.I thought no matter is with harnesses the training class study to drive,With relative friend study,Passes an examination the automobile driving license is necessary,Therefore studies with who all may.

    3.After-crops the circular in the sun,Because before has has done this kind of work,Really is hotly enough to does not have the patience,Because I am sensitive to heat!Is very uncomfortable!

    4.I thought I can buy rest the travel vehicle,Because rides the too low vehicle I to be able to be dizzy,Therefore the space big rests the travel vehicle to be supposed to be good,May carry very many people to exit to play together.

    5.My Chang Yuren does not quarrel,Mostly is cracks a joke,Most and my younger sister quarrels,Because some small matters,I have also forgotten,Possibly is his temperament not good!

    6.If I have section of vacations,I want to rest well in the home,Makes own matter,If must speak,I want to go to Europe,I think Europe's design to be supposed very good!

    7.My answer is affirmative,Because of not same two people,The life style is always dissimilar,I want to quarrel am certain meeting,Needs is the communication!

    8.I before whenever raises 蠺 baby's season,I all can go to buy raise,Because the once daddy to spurt the pesticide,Has killed them,Has cried for an evening,,From this time on I again have not raised,

    9.I do not like the drive fast,Because too was dangerous,Life only then,I am also young,I do not want to open the traffic ticket,Too wasted the money.

    10.A fine driving,Should have to take the traffic regulations,Also must understand gives precedence out of courtesy the pedestrian,Because the traffic accident is must depend on everybody to reduce.


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