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分子生物學的問題: 關於manipulate DNA

有什麼技術可以用來manipulate DNA阿?如果有reference 的話更好中英都可以謝謝唷

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    1983-1985年間,Kary Mullis發展之PCR(Polymerase Chain Reaction)



    manipulate DNA說明---

    How Scientists Manipulate DNA

    Maria Price Rapoza, PhD

    Biotechnology Department

    Carolina Biological Supply Company

    Within the last few decades, we have begun to understand how to manipulate DNA. This new understanding has led to many new advances. For instance, the source of insulin for diabetics was once animal cadavers. In the 1980s, scientists isolated the human gene for insulin and transferred it into bacteria. Now, bacterial cultures are used to produce large amounts of human insulin. This is just one example of the many achievements possible now that we can manipulate DNA.

    DNA manipulation is especially important in medicine, where it holds the hope of curing genetic diseases such as Huntington’s, and even some types of cancer. Scientists are trying to help patients with genetic diseases by replacing defective genes with healthy ones. This type of treatment, known as gene therapy, is still being developed, and we should see many advances in this area in the next few years.

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    For decades, scientists have studied how living cells copy, cut, and rejoin DNA all the time. Now they can manipulate DNA with the same tools that nature uses. What tools do living cells use? Living cells (including the cells in your body) use specialized proteins called enzymes to manipulate DNA.

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