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    First of all, the story is not proved a fake one.

    Secondly, if the story offend anyone, I do apologize!

    Wu Fong is a renown hero in Taiwan's many folktales; the reason is, Wu Fong, as a Taiwanese, stopped one of the nine tribes from hunting people's heads to worship their gods (ancestors).

    Wu Fong made friend with the aborigenes by his kind personality and friendly attitude. Though he was very sad that his aboriginal friends always hunted for heads to worship their gods (ancestors), there was nothing he could do to stop them. Finally, he made a critic decision.

    It was the day the tribe's people went out for people's heads, and though they could not listen to Wu Fong to abolish their custom, they followed his suggestion to hunt one volunteer's head. When they went to the place told by Wu Fong, they saw a man in red costume from head to toe. Undoubtedly they cut the man's head down, but as soon as they lifted the man's red cover on his head, they were grieved to death--they saw wu Fong's face.

    From then on the tribe abolished the wicked custom, and Wu Fong's name is remembered forever and ever.

    吳鳳傳,相信大家應該都耳熟能詳. 吳鳳為了阻止他的原住民朋友的獵頭惡俗而犧牲自己.

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    First, the story IS PROVED a fake one.I somehow added the "not" I'm so sori...

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    the third line from the bottom......they were ALMOST grieved to death...so sori...

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