as a result of 的用法&意思是。。?

請問噢,as a result of 的用法&意思是。。?另外還有幾個片語,也麻煩各位告知用法&意思!!in sted ofin spite ofin case ofin charge of

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    as a result of由於 = as the result of; because of; by reason of; by virtue of; in virtue of; due to; in consequence of; on account of; owing to; thanks to


    due to, owing to, on account of, because of, thanks to, as a result of 都可以表示由於, 因為, 引導原因介系詞片語, 其中以 because of 最常用, 其他則比較正式。

    because of 一般不能作主詞補語; 如果用作主詞補語, 其主詞通常是代表前述句子內容的 this, that, it 或表示強調。

    due to 可以作修飾語和主詞補語, 後接名詞。

    owing to 一般用來修飾全句, 應和句子其他成分分開, 可放在句首, 句中或句尾。

    on account of 可作修飾語和主詞補語, 作修飾語時修飾全句。

    thanks to 只作修飾語, 比較正式, 暗含有感謝的含義(多虧了)。有時也含有貶意。

    EX:He didn't come to school as a result of his illness.

    他病了, 所以他沒能來上學。

    (應該是這個)instead of代替= in place of


    instead of 表示代替, 其含義是某一人或某某物, 而不是另一人或另一物, 有否定後面成分的意思; 還可表示而不是, 可以接形容詞, 副詞, 名詞等。

    in place of 是指以某人或某事物代替另一個人或另一件事物, 後面被代替對象一般是名詞及其等同語, 含有應該而未那麼做的意思。

    EX:Instead of punishing Tom, he gave him a job.

    他沒有處罰湯姆, 反而給了他工作。

    in spite of 儘管= regardless of, despite, notwithstanding


    in spite of 表示儘管, 雖然, 是介系詞片語, 後面接一些表示不利因素的名詞, 如 difficulty, failure 等。

    EX:I went out in spite of the rain.


    in case of 如果發生= in the event of


    in case of 表示萬一, 要是, 表示可能性不是很大, of 後面接名詞。

    EX:In case of fire, open this safety door.


    in charge of主管/照料= responsible for


    in charge of 和 responsible for 都表示主動意義, 可用作修飾語和主詞補語, 用作主詞補語時主詞一般是人; 而 responsible for 作主詞補語時還可以表示前者是造成後者的原因。

    in the charge of 表示由...負責, 由...管理, 是被動意義。


    An experienced mechanic is in charge of the job.



    Mary is in charge of the children.


    參考資料: me+ dictionary
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    He couldn't see about thing as a result of his bitteness

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    as a result of = 根據 XXXX 的資料、報告、等等之類的。

    e.g. As a result of (above data, figure, research and etc.)

    in stead of = 用 XXXX 替代,不如用 XXXX

    e.g. In stead of (doing this XXXX), might better to (XXXX).

    in spite of = 分類、區別 XXXX ,找到 XXXX

    e.g. In spite of (these two data)

    in case of = 避免、遇到 XXXX,所以 XXXX

    e.g. In case of (any accident), so (must do this)

    in charge of = XXXX 代替某人的職務、責任

    e.g. XXXX in charge of XXXX

    P.S. XXXX = 人名、事件。

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