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本文乃針對捲帶式晶粒接合(Tape Automated Bonding)封裝技術,以有限元素軟體LS-DYNA建立分析模型,模擬內引脚壓合成型製程(Inner Lead Bonding Process),在引脚壓合成型過程中之製程參數設定對於內引脚成型時應力集中處的影響。


最後依據模擬分析結果再以實驗方式後得知在壓合過程中壓合壓力(Bonding Force)、壓合時間(Bonding Time),等參數都會直接影響引腳與凸塊的接合後的良率及可靠度。

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    The goal of this article is to study the stress concentration effect during the Inner Lead Bonding process for Tape Automated Bonding technology. The finite element software, LS-DYNA, was adopted to do the parametric study for forming the lead.

    This paper (report) is shown the simulated optimal parameter of time versus compression loading throught the comparison between one-stage compression and two-stage compression process. Furthermore, the stress distribution on the bump and lead under different compressing time was considered at the same time for the singe lead simulating model.

    Based one the simulation results, some experiments were done to approve that the parameters of compression, including bonding force and bonding time, were highly related to the manufacturing yield and reliability for bump and lead.

    參考資料: me, a small manager in semiconductor packaging field
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    This text is to a bringing type encapsulation technology of crystalline grain joint (Tape Automated Bonding ), setting up the model of analysing with limited element software LS-DYNA, the pin presses the formating type to make to Cheng (Inner Lead Bonding Process ) in simulation, making parameter Cheng stress concentrate influence of office on at establishing to interior pin shaping while the pin presses the formating type. This text is it pigeonhole pressure of shutting with improve with single pin model one type the last two type is it is it do difference than right jointly to press to reduce pressure to propose, in addition, different pins that press and shut under time and protruding stresses are distributed the state, analyse with simulation that obtains the pigeonholing and shutting the parameter optimization to design of time and pressure. Learn by way of experiment according to imitating the analysis result finally that presses and shuts the pressure (Bonding Force ) , presses and shuts the time (Bonding Time ) in the course of pressing and shutting, good rate and reliability after the parameters will all influence the pin and protruding joint of one directly.