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幫我用英文造句 急


題目是 ask back bell buy card chinese clean coffee coke cold cook cool cry cute dirty

drink e-mail feel fire food from fries get her his him hungry jacket job learn left map math milk moon mother MRT now noodles out our park pick pie pull push rice right shop sick sky slow smile sorry star story study swim speak student Taiwan take tall tape taxi tell test their tired today tree try wash water week when why with work write 這些都是單字請幫我造句 短一點的 回答降回答 ask-............

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    ask-Ask questions at the end. Back-Don't talk back to the elders.

    Bell-The break ends when the bell rings. Buy-Most women like to buy shoes.

    Card-Credit card make shopping easier. Chinese-Chinese is a lauguage.

    Clean-Customers prefer a clean table. Coffee-Coffee has caffins.

    Coke-Coke has high calories. Cold-It's cold up north.

    Cook-Our cook can kill chickens. Cool-Swimming cools body down.

    Cry-Crying can't solve the problem. Cute-Cute stuff animals attract people.

    Dirty-Wash the dirty shirt. Drink-A drink ordered.

    e-mail-E-mail can be sent in few minutes. Feel-Can you feel her kindness?

    Fire-The wire was on fire after a spark. Food-Food is a source of energy.

    From-UFO comes from the space. Fries-Fastfood places sell fries.

    Get-Grandma gets up early. Her-Her wedding is on this Saturday.

    His-His mother has arrived. Hungry-The hungry dog followed a man home.

    Jacket-Jacket keeps people warm. Job-Doing a job earns money.

    Learn-Old people are still learning. Left-The puppies were left on the street.

    Map-Maps are useful to find places. Math-Math drives many people crazy.

    Milk-Milk comes from cows. Moon-Moon is close to Earth.

    Mother-Mothers are greatful. MRT-Taipei has MRT.

    Now-Now, there are so many technologies. Noodles-A bowl of noodles is enough.

    Out-There are galaxies out in the space. Our-Our idea is the best.

    Park-Park is filled with laughters. Pick-The students have been picked.

    Pie-Pies are delicious. Pull-The pulling saved him.

    Push-Pushing people is Jack's habbit. Rice-Rice tastes good.

    Right-Turn right when you reach the store. Shop-Shops are fall of people.

    Sick-Sick grandma lies on the bed. Sky-The sky is blue without any clouds.

    Slow-Slow turtles crossing the street. Smile-Poeple smile when they are happy.

    Sorry-Sorry for the accident. Star-Stars are shinny.

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    Story-I like stories. Study-Better study before the test.

    Swim-Swim is a way to excercise. Speak-Speak up in front of the class.

    Student-Students go to school. Taiwan-Taiwan is an island.

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    Take-Remember to take the bag with you. Tall-NBA players are tall.

    Tape-Tapes are sticky. Taxi-Some taxi have dangerous drivers.

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    Tell-Don't tell lies. Test-There's a test tomorrow.

    Their-Their hair syles are very individual. Tired-Get rest if your are tired.

    Today-Today is a sunny day. Tree-Tree helps our environment.

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    Try-Try to be your best. Wash-Wash your hand before eating. Water-Human needs water. Week-A week has seven days. When-When the time comes. Why-Stop asking why. With-Go with the leader. Work-Work hard for your grade. Write-Writers write stories.

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