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Eclo 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 2 0 年前


1.The movie is very strange.

2.The leading lady is very stupid.

3.Murderer\'s mother died.

4.The murderer contracts the schizophrenia.

5.The detective is very innocent.

6.The motel is very worn-out.

7.The elder sister isvery brave.

8.The music is verystrange.

9.The businssman is very poor.

10.The PSYCHO is one of the most important movies in US.

1 個解答

  • 2 0 年前

    1.The movie is very strange.這部電影非常不可思議。

    2.The leading lady is very stupid.女主角非常的笨。

    3.Murderer's mother died.兇手的母親死了。

    4.The murderer contracts the schizophrenia.兇手得了精神分裂症。

    5.The detective is very innocent.偵探頭腦十分簡單。

    6.The motel is very worn-out.汽車旅館很老舊。

    7.The elder sister is very brave.大姐是個很勇敢的人。

    8.The music is very strange.音樂很奇怪。

    9.The businessman is very poor.那個商人很可憐。

    10.The PSYCHO is one of the most important movies in US.在美國,PSYCHO是一部很重要的電影。

    The PSYCHO is one of the most important movies in US. The movie is very strange and the music is very strange. It takes about that the leading lady is very stupid. She works for a company. The businessman is very poor because of she screwed everything up. One day she is on a business trip, and she lives in a motel. The motel is very worn-out. At that night, someone is killed. One of the customers is a detective. He wants to find the killer. But the detective is very innocent. He stays here with his sister. The elder sister is very brave and she finds out the killer. The murderer contracts the schizophrenia. He thoughts his mother wants to kill him. So he killed her. When people found out, the Murderer's mother died.


    參考資料: 不想再看到好不容易想出答案卻被移除問題的meme