”no matter want”這首歌

請問一下”no matter want”這首歌是誰唱的,如果有人有的話可以傳給我嗎?謝謝!

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    No matter what嗎?No matter what they tell us無論別人告訴我們什麼No matter what they do無論別人做了什麼No matter what they teach us無論別人教了我們什麼What we believe is true我們相信的都是真的No matter how they call us無論別人怎麼稱呼我們No matter how they attack無論別人怎麼攻擊No matter where they take us無論別人將我們帶到何處We'll find our own way back我們一定能找到回家的路I can't deny what I believe我不能否認我所相信的I can't be what I'm not我無法不做我自己I'll know our love forever我將永遠明白我倆的愛I know no matter what無論如何If only tears were laughter如果眼淚換成歡笑If only night was day如果黑夜換成白晝If only prayers were answered如果禱告有所回應Then we would hear god say那麼,我們可以聽到上帝說…No matter what they tell you無論別人對你說了什麼No matter what they do無論別人對你做了什麼No matter what they teach you無論別人教了你什麼What you believe is true你所相信的都是真的And I will keep you safe and strong我會保護你的安全,使你堅強And sheltered from the storm不讓你受風吹雨打No matter where it's barren不論土地如何貧瘠A dream is being born一個夢想已經誕生No matter who they follow無論他們跟著誰No matter where they lead無論他們走向何處No matter how they judge us無論他們怎樣評判我們I'll be everyone you need我會是你的支柱No matter if the sun don't shine無論太陽是否照耀Or if the skies are blue或天空是否蔚藍No matter what the ending無論結局是什麼My life began with you我的人生與你一起展開I can't deny what I believe我不能否認我所相信的I can't be what I'm not我無法不做我自己I know this love's forever我明白這份愛是永遠That's all that matters now, no matter what無論如何,那才是現在最重要的信箱是?

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    ATW R&D YELLOW是我不知你有收到嗎

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