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A public affair

可以幫我找ㄧ下Jessica Simpson 新出的專輯A public affair中的一首歌A public affair 的歌詞和專輯圖片嘛??

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    圖片參考: 這裡可以聽歌  這裡可以看MV歌詞There go the street lights. The night's, officially on

    I got the Green light, to do, whatever I want

    I'm gonna stand outside the box, & put the rules on hold


    Tonight, Carte Blanche, 1st class, for everything

    Ready, Set, Go.


    All the girls' stepping out for a public affair

    All night,let's rock,cause the party don't stop

    All the cameras, come out, for a public affair

    Who cares,let's rock,cause the party don't stop

    Hey, baby, I see you looking over here, baby

    Are you gonna keep looking, or get up & talk to me

    Here's anopportunity, that you don't wanna miss



    Do what you wanna do

    Tonight, the world does not exist

    No, no, no, no

    Move how you wanna move

    All my girls work it out, like this

    Give me room to shake, shake, shake


    All night, don't stop (laughs)

    Who cares, let's rock

    All right, don't stop

    Who cares, let's rock