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請英文高手 中翻英(請勿用翻譯軟體)




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    網路咖咖啡廳是年輕人最常去的場所之ㄧThe net cafe is the one of the young people most often goes.網路咖啡廳吸引人的原因是只要花一點錢就可以有舒適的上網環境The attractive reason is people just spend a little money and can enjoy its comfortably environment.因此,很多學生一放學就去網咖,並在那裡待好幾個小時,So that many students love to go to the net cafe after school and spend for several hours in there.一但學生沉溺於線上遊戲,他們就會忽略學校課業As when the students indulge to on-line games, they will neglect their studies. 更糟的是,他們和朋友、老師、家人的關係會越來越疏遠The most worst is, their relation between friends, teachers and family will be become more and more estranged.

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    Cybercafe is one of the places that young people go to regularly. the reason why cybercafe attract people is that you can have a suitable environment to surf the Internet without spending lots of money. Therefore, many student go to cybercafe as soon as they leave school, and stay at there for many hours. Once students lapse into on-line games, they may ignore school works. Worst of all, the relationship of they and their friends, teachers, and family may more and more alienate.

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  • Internet cafe is the place that young people use to go to. The reason that it interest people is because that you could have a comfortable internet access environment by only paying a little money. So many student go to the cafe after school and spend a lot of hours over there, once students are addicted to the online games, they would neglect their studies. The worst part is that they would distance themself more and more from the relationship of their friend, teacher and family.

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