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以下是網路(譯言堂)的翻譯供您參考:This research aim is discussing a day according to the period is the development, condition, special features and influence of the region primary education Taipei.This object that studies a main study, for the day is according to the period be located now Taipei the city is inshore of primary education organization, adopt the history research method to carry on a research, collect related historical data, thesis extensively with particularly book etc. data, and will collect of the data carries on more analytical, besides, then assist to interview a content by the elder\'s oral communication, synthesize analysis, induce finally, aller data.

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    「本研究旨在討論日據時期臺北地區初等教育之發展、狀況、特色及影響。本研究主要探討之對象,為日據時期位於現在臺北市境內之初等教育機構,採歷史研究法進行研究,廣泛蒐集相關史料、論文與專書等資料,並將所收集到的資料進行比較分析,另外,再輔以耆老之口頭訪談內容,最後綜合分析、歸納、比較所有的資料。」有切掉句子, 並考慮到主詞的部分, 稍做修改, 你再看看囉...(感覺像論文摘要或是期刊的摘要) The study/research/thesis/paper aims at dealing with the development, actual condition, features/characteristics and influence of the primary education in Taipei city in the Japanese Era.   本研究指在處理/討論日據時期在台北地區初等教育的發展, (實際)狀況, 特色及影響.  The primary educational institutions located within the current Taipei city in the Japanese Era are the main/ major/chief objects of the study.  本研究的主要對象為日據時代住於現今台北市境內之初等教育機構.   With a historical method/perspective, the collected information such as relevant historical facts, articles and works is compared and analyzied in the research.  以歷史研究方法/角度, 所收集到的資料如相關歷史史實, 文章及書目/作品等, 在本研究裡做比較及分析. Furthermore, the interview with the elder's oral communication servers as the supplementary information to help exaimine, analyze, synthesize and deduce the collected data. 此外, 與耆老之口頭訪談內容為輔助資訊用來協助檢視, 分析, 綜合及歸納收集的資料. 

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    本研究的主要對象為日據時代 "位" 於現今台北市境內之初等教育機構. 這一行的這個字打錯了....拍謝